Huggies Stand the test of time

BLISS TV - Our Busy Lives with Little Movers from Blissful Media Group on Vimeo.

This video has some very useful info for moms of little movers. I myself find the most useful info is to make mommy time. Besides the video you can find very useful info here:

Huggies® is here to help you celebrate and enjoy the parenting ride by bringing you the Huggies® Enjoy the Ride Rewards Program.

Parents will be able to earn points, then spend them for a chance to win fabulous prizes. Plus, when you sign up before June 30th, you’ll be entered into the Daily Diaper Giveaway Sweepstakes for the chance to win a year’s supply of Huggies® diapers!

I used Huggies when I had my girls. I was a single mom on a limited budget and was told oh just go with the store brand it will save you money. I discovered very quickly that that wasnt true. They peed through every diaper so what I paid in laundry made up for what I Saved. When my grandbabies came to live with me I knew I was going to go with Huggies. They are as dependable now as they were then.

I love the Huggies Little Movers Diapers, they are perfect for my Little Mover.

Summer is 18 months old and is busy all the time. One day she was quiet for a minute to long. I went and checked on her and she smiled, a bright red smile, and said "Purse". My purse Had been up on the table, how she got it I have no idea. She had dumped out all the contents of my purse and had taken my lipstick and drew all over herself , clothes and all. Since then I make sure my is very very high and there is no lipstick around.